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Thierry Stéphan

Portrait Thierry Stephan five up.jpg

With thirty years of experience in consulting and training, Thierry is passionate about the development of people, teams and organisations. His sense of communication, coupled with a structured and engaging approach, make him a facilitator capable of bringing out the very best in people.

For twenty years, Thierry has specialised in coaching executive teams, both collectively and with their individual members, accompanying them on the path to high performance. He helps companies engage their human capital in the context of cultural, strategic and organisational transformations.

Career path

A graduate of emlyon business school (1983, marketing and international business options), Thierry Stéphan held several marketing and sales positions in large companies in France, England and Germany.

In 1990, he joined the international firm Krauthammer (specialised in consulting & training) where he accompanied and advised numerous teams and organisations for more than 30 years. In 1998, he joined Krauthammer's executive team where he held the successive positions of Business Unit Manager, Chief Operating Officer and, from 2013, Chief Executive Officer.

Since 2021, he brings his expertise through his own five up structure, advising executive teams and accompanying them on the road to high performance.

A network of partners

A strong supporter of collaborative and diverse approaches (both in terms of content and form), Thierry works within an international ecosystem of consultants (HR, strategy, organisations... ), leaders and other high-level professionals (sportsmen and women, artists, psychologists... ) whom he regularly calls upon to complement his skill set and thus best meet the specific needs of executive teams.

An experience as CEO

Daniel Eppling (Chief Innovation Officer Krauthammer, currently Founder & CEO Alto'e)

Steering the Executive Management Team from 2013 to 2018

"I admired Thierry's cross-functionality in understanding the ins and outs of all management functions and his formidable verticality when it came to delving deeply into a key process. His exemplary work capacity, his availability, his relevant questioning... and his caustic humour are indisputably part of his trademark."

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