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Targeted and skilled services

five up offers unique support with high added value, located at the crossroads of three dimensions:

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Consultant expertise five up
Tailor-made proposal five up
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Tailor-made proposal

Our services are targeted and specifically designed to support leaders and executive teams. They are comprehensive and evolving and are recognised for their results.

Expertise consultant five up

Consultant expertise


Support is provided by the co-creator and key supporter of premium services within a large international consulting & training firm. His experience as a consultant has led him to work with a hundred or so executive teams and their leaders throughout the world.

Expérience CEO CXO five up

CXO-CEO experience

Twenty years of experience as a CXO-CEO at this firm qualifies him to grasp the problems encountered by leaders and executive teams.

Tailored services

Our services are based on three types of interventions, meeting the needs and objectives of executive teams:

Coaching individuel five up



Individual support for executives (CEO, CXO) when they take up their position, in their professional development and in response to specific problems.

Coaching collectif five up

High performance

group coaching

Collective coaching of executive teams on the road to high performance.

Coaching collectif changement

Collective coaching in change management

Assistance in the engagement of the company's human capital within the framework of cultural, strategic or organisational transformations.

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