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Our inspiration

five up refers to the five major areas that an executive team must explore, work on relentlessly, regularly evaluate and continually reinforce in order to make them true areas of excellence: its Ambitions, its Attitudes, its Activities, its Aptitudes and its Actions.
Five is a highly symbolic number which also evokes human sensitivity (the five senses), psychology (the five personality traits), creative ability (the five fingers of the hand), diversity (the five continents), high quality communication (message received five out of five, i.e. loud and clear) or performance (high five). All are elements which should exist within an executive team in search of high performance.

Inspiration five up

Trekking, a hike characterised by its length and by the crossing of wild areas that are sometimes difficult to access, is a good metaphor for the route followed when accompanying an executive team on the path to high performance: ambitions (to surpass oneself, to recharge one’s batteries, to reveal oneself), a path (efforts, emotions, pleasure), benefits (new horizons, new challenges, new encounters) to, in the end, live a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave indelible memories. A demanding adventure for which it is advisable... to hire a guide!

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