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Hans Bohnen

Senior VP & General Manager BU Masterbatches (2014),

Head of Global Business Services Clariant (2015), currently Member of the Executive Committee Clariant

Projects carried out in 2014 and 2015

"Essential for the success was Thierry’s analysis of team dynamics and the strengths and weaknesses of each individual."

Context and challenges

I worked with Thierry twice and the challenges were very similar. A new management team was put together to change the way the Business Unit and - in the second project -  the Service Unit was supposed to work. The challenge for the Business Unit was to transform a very locally focused management mindset into a management team taking responsibility for a global business. The Service Unit management had the challenge to implement the very new concept of Global Business Services while there was quite some doubt in the company regarding this idea. The management team had to develop from a pure working group into a management team striving to become a High Performing Team in a rather short period of time.

Approach used

Thierry introduced the High Performing Team concept to both management teams. Working through a holistic framework which combined concepts, individual and team development at the same time.

Results achieved

Both teams created quite fast a common understanding on a common purpose and their shared responsibilities. Suggested  frameworks helped both teams to develop both collective and individual roadmaps towards a High Performing Team. The financial performance of the business developed very favourably over the following years and the concept of Global Business Services became an vital part of the operating model of the company. Essential for the success was Thierry’s analysis of team dynamics and the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. He was able to involve all relevant stakeholder groups and to moderate diverse and multicultural individuals. His passion combined with a stringent drive for execution motivates teams and pushes them to the desired results. 

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