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five up

Put your executive team on the road to high performance

At five up we accompany your executive team on its journey to high performance

Executives set the bar for the entire organization: its collective strength enables it to achieve its ambitions, reach its objectives and engage employees in necessary cultural, strategic and organisational transformations.

This task defines the elite executive team

Leaders have to manage multiple and growing tensions

Executive teams
evolve in an
increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex
and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment

Effective collaboration at the highest level is not easy

Executive teams are often made up of strong individuals with different career paths and profiles, sometimes motivated by contradictory objectives

Functioning of executive teams is closely scrutinised

More visible than one might think, the way in which executive teams operate feeds informal exchanges between employees and internal 
satisfaction surveys

How executive teams function influences the results of the entire company

Whether it's about reaching 
short-term objectives  
or achieving longer-term ambitions for the 

five up will help you face these challenges with tailor-made support, based on a multi-dimensional approach, supported by proven and evolving tools.

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